The Innovation for Sustainable Development Review of Belarus was prepared by a group of international and national experts as well as by staff of the UNECE secretariat. The Review was the result of a collective effort in which the lead authors for each chapter were: Mr. Ariel Ivanier, Mr. Ralph Heinrich and Mr. Igor Severine (Chapter 1), Mr. Rumen Dobrinsky andMr. Thomas Stahlecker (Chapter 2), Mr. Slavo Radosevic (Chapter 3), Ms. Annamaria Inzelt and Ms. Natalja Apanasovich (Chapter 4), Mr. Ariel Ivanier and Mr. Ralph Heinrich (Chapter 5). Ms. Julia Djarova, Mr. Bart Verspagen, Mr. Manfred Spiesberger and Mr. Dietrich Hesse reviewed the first draft of the Review and provided relevant suggestions. Mr. Ralph Heinrich, Mr. Christopher Athey and Mr. Ariel Ivanier led on the development of the conceptual framework of the Review and overall editing of the publication, with Ms. Ludmila Boichuk providing technical assistance.

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