Trafficking in men – cases from Belarus and Ukraine

image of Trafficking in men – cases from Belarus and Ukraine

While most identified and assisted trafficking victims are women, there has been an increased recognition in recent years of other forms of trafficking and profiles of victims. This has included male victims, certainly minors but also, increasingly, adult males. A closer consideration of the background and experiences of trafficked Ukrainian and Belarusian males (to a range of destinations and for different purposes) can be helpful in understanding how trafficking takes place from and within these countries and, in so doing, serve as a lens for appreciating the phenomenon more broadly. It can also shed light on specific experiences of males as compared to female victims and on the identification and assistance needs of male victims, which may be quite distinct from those of female victims or victims of sexual exploitation.

Related Subject(s): Migration; Human Rights and Refugees
Sustainable Development Goals:
Countries: Belarus; Ukraine
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