Implications for the harmonized governance of migration

In his earlier review exclusively focused on RCPs, Hansen closed with a number of conclusions, including possible future scenarios for RCPs. He noted three possibilities. One was that RCPs would continue to be region-specific and specific to the particular concerns of their constituency, and each one would likely wax and wane as their agendas took on more or less interest or immediacy. In a second scenario, RCPs would, in some yet-to-be-discerned way, lead directly to the establishment of a global governance protocol on migration, and perhaps to a new or refreshed international institution to oversee that governance. Third, RCPs would evolve into more consequential roles in establishing common standards for migration governance within regions, in part through closer affiliation with regional bodies that do have the authority or mission to craft binding regional agreements, such as common markets, regional intergovernmental economic and development authorities and other, similar, entities.

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