Manifestations of corruption in prison settings

Corruption has far-leaching harmful effects on prison staff, inmates, the public and the institution itself. In extreme eases, corruption facilitates drug trafficking, the establishment of organized crime operations and the escape prison inmates, thereby undermining safety and security within and outside of prisons. Corruption may also directly affect the treatment of prisoners and the conditions in which they live. When bribes are demanded for providing inmates with fundamental basic services such as access to food or health care, this can have devastating consequences and put immense pressure on the affected prisoners and their families. Similar pressure is faced when bribes are solicited for access to lawyers or family members, participation in rehabilitation programmes, or in relation to early conditional release or parole decisions. Embezzlement of funds designated for prisons or misappropriation of material can significantly affect prison infrastructure and services and in turn undermine prison security.

Related Subject(s): Drugs Crime and Terrorism
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