Foreign investment in Latin America and the Caribbean, 200! Report comprises four chapters. The first presents a region-wide analysis of recent trends in FDI flows, comparing them to FDI flows in the global economy, and looks at the investment strategics and approaches being used by flic primary transnational corporations with interests in the region. The second chapter focuses on foreign investment in Argentina, which is now in the throes of a major economic and political crisis that has affected all economic agents in the country, including TNCs. This crisis has forced the latter to reorient their strategy after a decade in which Argentina was one of tie chief recipients of FDI. The third chapter analyses FDI from the European Union, whose members, as part of their integration strategy, chose Latin America as the developing region of greatest significance for the expansion of their transnationals’ activities, and accordingly have supplied a substantial inflow of investment. The fourth and final chapter contains an analysis of FDI in the hydrocarbons sector, in which the reforms of the 1990s lave attracted new participants and encouraged investment flows to the region.

Related Subject(s): International Trade and Finance
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