The automotive industry and the crisis: Business strategies in Brazil and Mexico

The automotive industry is a key sector in many large economies around the world. In the United States, it generates nearly 4% of gross domestic product, 10% of the value of industrial output and 1 in 10 jobs, while in the European Union, it is the main industrial contributor to foreign trade and the source of about one third of manufacturing jobs (Cooney, 2008; European Parliament, 2009). Given its importance, it has always been favoured by industrial policies, including long-term sector-specific strategies and a diverse array of stimulus and support instruments. In many countries, policy for the automotive sector has been the industrial policy par excellence. Even in countries that claim not to pursue these kinds of policies, special considerations are always made for this industry.

Related Subject(s): International Trade and Finance
Sustainable Development Goals:
Countries: Brazil ; Mexico
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