Progress since 2011 and looking forward to 2030

SoWMy 2021 is the third in the SoWMy series of reports. The first (SoWMy 2011) called for investments in midwifery education and regulation and in midwives’ associations, especially to improve quality of care. There has been some progress here, with greater recognition of the importance of quality in addition to quantity. In SoWMy 2021, 79% of countries report having a master list of accredited health worker education institutions (although these are not specific to midwifery). SoWMy 2011 called for the recognition of midwifery as a distinct profession, with posts at the national policy level. SoWMy 2021 reports that most countries recognize midwifery as being distinct from nursing, and half have midwives in leadership positions at national level.

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