Violence against women and girls (‘VAWG’) has long been a pervasive and universal human rights issue, rooted in unequal power relations, structural inequalities and discrimination. It is estimated that just over one in three women worldwide (35 per cent) experience physical or sexual violence, mostly perpetrated by an intimate partner, and this statistic does not include sexual harassment. Other forms of VAWG include gender-related killings (also referred to as ‘femicide’), non-partner sexual violence; trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and other forms of forced labour; female genital mutilation/cutting and other harmful practices such child, early and forced marriage, and so-called ‘honour killings.’ Women and girls often experience multiple forms of violence as part of a continuum - in times of peace or conflict, or in the wake of conflict - and in multiple settings, including within the family, at work, at school, in the community, online, and in public spaces.

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