Return and Reintegration Key Highlights 2022

image of Return and Reintegration Key Highlights 2022


This report provides an overview of the return and reintegration trends, and activities carried out by IOM in 2022. It includes a breakdown of summary statistics at regional and country levels. Furthermore, the report showcases the effective practices implemented by IOM offices in assisting migrants who desire to return home with their reintegration process. The sustainable reintegration of returning migrants into their communities is essential for their well-being and the social and economic stability of their respective regions. However, returning to one’s country of origin often presents a significant challenge to migrants, as they may face difficulties in rebuilding their social and economic networks and reintegrating into their home communities. Through various programmes and initiatives, IOM offers valuable assistance to returning migrants to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into their communities.

Related Subject(s): Migration ; Population and Demography


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