UN Chronicle Vol. XLVI Nos.1-2 2009
  • E-ISSN: 15643913


In 2006, I gave some lectures at Harvard during which I called for a month, a week—a day even—of collective mourning for the millions whose souls still cry for proper burial and mourning rites. These lectures have now been published under the title: Something Torn and New. I did not know then that others were thinking along the same lines. I am glad that this day is being commemorated at the United Nations, but it should be actively observed in the whole world, as slave trade and plantation slavery were of prime importance in the making of the modern world. But what was a gain for the world, especially in the West, was a loss for Africa. Here I am not simply talking about the loss of human lives, power, resources, the economic loss for Africa and gain for the world: Slave trade and slavery were a historical trauma whose consequences on the African psyche have never been properly explored.

Sustainable Development Goals:
Related Subject(s): Disarmament; United Nations

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