Transnational Corporations Vol. 26 No. 3
  • E-ISSN: 2076099X


Across developing countries, the agricultural sector is an essential source of economic growth, employment, poverty reduction and food security. Women play a vital role in agriculture, yet there is little research focusing on the impact of rising investment in the agricultural sector on the role of women in this sector and on gender equality. Many investors tend to be located in remote areas and have an impact on the life of the most vulnerable farmers, especially when few alternative employment opportunities exist. In this article, we present the role of women in agriculture and we explore the impact of large agricultural investment on gender equality in developing countries. Given the data limitations, we rely on both primary and secondary data, and provide examples of gender-sensitive practice carried out by the private sector to minimize the risk of leaving women behind. The article concludes with suggestions for corporate actions and government policies and maps out avenues for future research.

Sustainable Development Goals:

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