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  • As we approach the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations, the world’s leading instrument of shared progress, our common purposes and principles remain as important as ever. The Organization, and its ethos of international cooperation, have yielded great and wide-ranging benefits to humankind, lifting millions out of poverty, upholding human rights and helping to forge peace in troubled lands. In today’s rapidly changing world, our enduring and Charter-driven duty is to build on those achievements and ensure that all people can enjoy safety, prosperity and dignity. In that spirit, I offer my third report on the work of the Organization concerned about the state of our world – but also encouraged by what I know we can deliver for the people we serve.

  • As the world faces mounting challenges, including protracted conflicts, inequality, persistent pockets of poverty and hunger and a fast-changing climate, international cooperation is essential if no one is to be left behind. The work of the United Nations is focused increasingly on prevention and on taking an integrated approach to development, peace and security and human rights. The United Nations system continues to support the efforts of Member States to implement transformative agendas and fulfil the promises made under the Sustainable Development Goals, including by addressing cross-sectoral and crossborder issues and leveraging innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships.

  • Several operational processes underpin the functioning of the United Nations Secretariat, with its annual resources of about $13 billion and more than 37,000 civilian staff in 450 duty stations. Many of those processes are being substantially overhauled in 2018/19 as a result of the Secretary-General’s management reform initiative. They include the management of finance, human resources, information and communications technology, supply chains, facilities, conference services, and security and safety operations, as well as the communication of the Organization’s work and the strengthening of relations with the principal organs of the United Nations, Member States and other stakeholders.