African Governance Report I - 2005

image of African Governance Report I - 2005

The African Governance Report is the result of extensive research covering governance practices in 27 African countries. The findings were subjected to a rigorous process of reviews that involved both national and international experts working on governance, political and economic issues. The report is the first Africa-driven study of its kind, which aimed at gauging more empirically citizens’ perceptions of the state of governance in their countries, while identifying major capacity deficits in governance practices and institutions and recommending best practices and solutions to address them.



Other indicators of governance

The World Bank is perhaps one of the largest users of indicators, in addition to being engaged in aggregating information from a variety of sources to build indices that are designed to enable international comparisons with respect to six clusters that represent different aspects of governance: voice and accountability, political stability and lack of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption. The most recent World Bank aggregation in 2002 has been prepared for at most 199 countries for the voice and accountability cluster and for at least 186 countries or more for the remaining 5.


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