African Governance Report II - 2009

image of African Governance Report II - 2009

The African Governance Report is the most comprehensive report on governance in Africa, assesses and monitors the progress African countries are making on governance, identifies capacity gaps in governance institutions and proposes polices and strategic interventions aimed at promoting good governance on the continent. It focuses on political and economic governance, development of the private sector and corporate governance, checks and balances in political power, institutional effectiveness and accountability of the executive, human rights and the rule of law, corruption and institutional capacity building. The theme of this second edition of the Report is that Africa has made progress in improving governance.



Political governance

The linkages between good governance, democracy and development are recognized by Africa’s major national and regional institutions. Across the continent there is a consensus that good governance advances political representation, civil liberties and constitutionalism and increases transparency and accountability. These elements of democracy boost the legitimacy of the state, which in turn promotes the peace and stability crucial for economic investment. In a continent noted for poverty, good governance is therefore a precondition for poverty reduction.


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