African Security Governance

Emerging Issues

image of African Security Governance
Africa faces a seemingly ever-increasing range of security challenges. This book is a result of research carried out over a number of years by the Southern African Defense and Security Management Network (SADSEM) on many of these new and emerging security issues, in cooperation with the Danish Institute for International Studies and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The broad focus is on security governance – the role of state and a wide range of social actors in the areas of both human and state security. It deals with a range of sectors, themes and national case studies and makes an important contribution to debates on security sector reform. The topics covered include policing transformation, intelligence governance, regulation of private security actors, challenges of nuclear proliferation, regional security, peace diplomacy and peace missions, the relationship between development and security and new challenges in governance of the military.



Transforming safety and security in Southern Africa: Some trends and more challenges

Two decades ago one would have had to search hard for evidence of any real debate on the police in Africa. Much has changed in the intervening years. As the Cold War came to an end, regional contestations in Namibia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa made way for relative peace, with some unhappy exceptions. Political transitions towards democracy have been accompanied by elaborate state-building efforts. These efforts also trickled down to the institutions of the security sector, including the rather ramshackle and authoritarian police forces that were characteristic of states from Cape to Cairo. As international influences of various degrees of benignity applied increasing pressure, and citizen outrage was allowed an outlet, the modernising project of police reform was spawned, and has given birth to a veritable cottage industry.


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