Compendium of ICT Applications on Electronic Government, Volume III

Mobile Applications on Citizen Engagement

image of Compendium of ICT Applications on Electronic Government, Volume III
This compendium is comprised of various case studies that focus on advancing citizen engagement by using information and communication technology (ICT) applications. Through mobile technology, ICT applications are working to deliver essential services in many parts of the world. ICT applications compliment and work together with government bodies to help deliver services in education, health, agriculture and financial empowerment – just to name a few. Mobile technology also allows information to become increasingly accessible to many different populations. ICT’s advancements through mobile technology are engaging people of all ages and are quickly gaining popularity in the developing parts of the world.



Mobile applications on citizen engagement

AGROffice Complete is a GIS based agro-software technology that supports e-agricultural work by transmitting information to managing agricultural output. It is a tool that enables for two-way information and knowledge exchange between agro-experts and farmers. It aims to help the farming community solve issues around planning, execution, documentation, inventory control, calculation, nutrient balancing, creation of thematic maps, logistics, evaluation of natural resources, natural disasters, risk and land-management and rebuilding development projects. It provides a holistic approach for rural area management.


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