Democracy in the South

Participation, the State and the People

image of Democracy in the South

Traditionally, studies on democracy have focused on the orthodox so-called Northern models of democratic governance, and within this framework, the extent to which Southern models are considered democratic. Democracy in the South is the first truly international collaboration that draws attention to the complex problems of democratic consolidation across the majority world. Nine case studies, three each from Africa, Latin America and Asia, shed light on the contemporary challenges faced by democratizing countries, mostly from the perspective of emerging theorists working in their home countries.



Democratic bewilderments of the world’s largest democracy – India

Democracy has achieved the status of a universal good, considered to be such an ultimate expression of human political will that some political scientists heralded the US victory in the Cold War as the “end of history”. But the practice of democracy is not so clearly defined. In the case of India, after experiencing 60 years of independence, while the country has become a large democracy, there still remains room for greater maturity. Stated differently, democracy in India is deeper than it used to be, but several democratic battles remain. This chapter will analyse what basis we use to say that it is deeper and why it is unfinished.


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