From Planning to Impact

A Manual on Human Rights Training Methodology

image of From Planning to Impact

If effectively designed and implemented, human rights training builds the capacity of individuals, groups and institutions for greater human rights protection. Based on its expanding training practice and lessons learnt, at both headquarters and field level, as well as on related research, the UN Human Rights Office has developed a comprehensive methodological approach to human rights training, which is presented in this Manual. The Manual provides practical guidance on all phases of a human rights training cycle – including planning, designing, organizing, delivering training and conducting follow-up activities.



The design and organization phase

With the information gathered through the training needs assessment, the training manager (or, ideally, the training team if already established) can proceed to the next phase of the training cycle, and design and organize a training course that addresses the needs of the learners. This chapter focuses on the development of course goals and learning objectives, session plans and training activities. It also addresses identifying appropriate training methodology and conducting evaluation during the design phase (formative evaluation). Finally, it provides practical tips on various aspects of training organization, from the selection of trainers to the choice of venue, the preparation of materials, etc.


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