United Nations E-Government Survey 2008

From E-Government to Connected Governance

image of United Nations E-Government Survey 2008

A trend towards reforming the public sector has emerged in many countries in recent years, attempting to revitalize public administration and make it more proactive, efficient, transparent and especially more service oriented. E-government can contribute significantly to the process of transformation of the government towards a leaner, more cost-effective government. However, the real benefit of e-government lies not in the use of technology per se, but in its application to processes of transformation. The 2008 year Survey presents an assessment of the new role of the government in enhancing public service delivery, while improving the efficiency and productivity of government processes and systems. The first part of the publication describes the findings of the United Nations e-Government Survey 2008 while the “how to” approach connected governance is the focus of Part II.



Conclusions and policy issues

The findings of this survey underscore the manner by which e-government has emerged as a multifaceted concept linked to the vertical and horizontal integration of government both locally, nationally and transnationally. For some, especially those focused on improving access and delivery of services, this is primarily about the front-end interface with customers and citizens. It is about providing better organized, aligned and often integrated information flows, new transactional capacities, as well as new mechanisms for feedback, consultation and more participative forms of democracy. For others, especially those engaged in the management and delivery of public administration, it is about driving down costs and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of ‘back office’ functions and the basic machinery of government. For those working at the transnational level it is about removing the barriers to international cooperation and development and creating an agenda of connected governance globally. For different stakeholders, different facets will provide the driver for change and the motivation to engage with egovernment and the modernisation agenda.


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