United Nations E-Government Survey 2010

Leveraging E-Government at a Time of Financial and Economic Crisis

image of United Nations E-Government Survey 2010

The theme of the 2010 Survey is how to leverage e-Government in the current financial and economic crisis. The crisis presents a major challenge for UN Member States’ attainment of national development goals. The Survey explores the potential of e-Government, focusing on its relationship with government spending such as stimulus funding, integrity and efficiency in financial monitoring, and public service delivery. The prime focus of the Survey will remain the Web Measure Index based on an extensive analysis of government national web portals/sites and ministries. Assessment of the e-Government readiness of the 192 UN Member States according to quantitative index of e-Readiness based on website assessment, telecommunication infrastructure and human capital.



Measuring e-government

Reliable and relevant e-government measurement can offer crucial signposts to point policy makers and practitioners in the right direction. Yet, how does one go about measuring e-government given the diversity of approaches? Some important common threads include a country’s economic strength, technological development and aggregate level of education. All three of these factors pertain to capacity, and two of them – technology and education – are combined with a direct assessment of the state of national online services to produce the United Nations e-government development index.


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