World E-Parliament Report 2012

image of World E-Parliament Report 2012
The World e-Parliament Report 2012 presents the latest data on the use and availability of systems, applications, hardware and tools in parliaments all over the world. The findings presented in the report are based on the results of the Global Survey of ICT in Parliaments 2012 conducted by the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament between February and May 2012. Comparisons are offered in the 2008 and 2010 editions. The report provides readers with concrete examples of the adoption of ICT in the most significant areas of parliamentary business. The report is intended to be read in conjunction with the 2008 and 2010 reports.



ICT strategic planning and implementation for e-parliament

When resources have to be used more effectively due to financial constraints, ICT strategic planning and management become of special importance to meet the targets for efficiency imposed by the organization. During the past years, limited resources have become a challenge for many more parliaments than before, as even legislatures in upper income countries have had to deal with significant reductions in their ICT budgets, while at the same time looking at technology to generate gains in efficiency throughout the legislature’s operations. Perhaps not surprisingly, when asked in the survey what were the most critical objectives for ICT in the next two years, one respondent from a technically advanced parliament replied: “do more for less money”.


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