Action for disarmament

10 Things you can do!

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This illustrated, educational and thought-provoking book calls on the world's young people to actively mobilise and promote disarmament in 10 practical ways. It focuses on the risks posed by nuclear arms and small weapons. This book is a tool for young people to get involved in mobilising the public at large to participate in developing new strategies to reduce the threats posed by weapons. It will help young people to raise awareness of why disarmament is important for the future of all humankind as well as their own lives. It is recommended as a resource for teenagers and their parents, young adults, as well as high school and university professors, civil society and community leaders.

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Action 8: Sign up

Social movements are most successful when engaging in appropriate modes of action. Action can be defined by taking the knowledge you have about nuclear weapons, small arms and light weapons and using this knowledge to advocate for change. One important way to take action is to join others so that a larger collective voice can speak together. People can mobilize with others physically in demonstrations, rallies, marches, and teach-ins. But people can also mobilize virtually by signing petitions.

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