An illusion of safety

Challenges of nuclear weapon detonations for united nations humanitarian coordination and response

image of An illusion of safety
There is renewed and deep international concern about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that would result from the detonation of nuclear weapons in populated areas. Yet 25 years after the end of the Cold War, nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence remain central to the security doctrines of a significant number of states. This volume explores the risks and consequences of a nuclear weapon detonation event especially for the United Nations system in terms of preparedness.




Why should United Nations humanitarian and development agencies and their partners be interested in developing approaches to how to respond to nuclear weapon detonations? It could be argued that there are much more immediate and pressing humanitarian and development issues on which to focus. As well, the possibility of a nuclear weapon being detonated in a highly populated area, either by accident or design, is widely assumed to be low.


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