Civil Society and Disarmament 2012

Applying a Disarmament Lens to Gender Human Rights, Development, Security, Education and Communication: Six Essays

image of Civil Society and Disarmament 2012
This publication contains essays by representatives of civil society organizations. The Office for Disarmament Affairs is publishing this publication within the context of General Assembly resolution 65/81 on the United Nations Disarmament Information Programme and Resolution 65/77 on the United Nations study on disarmament and non-proliferation education. This material is being made available in order to further an informed debate on topical issues of arms limitation, disarmament and security.



Minimizing the impact of illicit small arms and diverted weapons transfers in the commission of atrocity crimes, human rights violations and other violence

31 January 2010. In Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican city on the border with the United States, once infamous for being the most dangerous city on Earth and for its number of femicides, a group of assassins stormed a house in the neighbourhood of Villas Salvácar. There, young students were having a party. Sixteen were killed, and many more injured as a consequence of gunfire. This is but a token of a growing number of massacres taking place in a country flooded by small arms and light weapons resulting from illicit transfers that have fed a situation of armed violence related to organized crime, that has resulted in nearly 50,000 deaths from 2006 to date.


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