Civil Society and Disarmament 2016

Civil Society Engagement in Disarmament Processes - The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Ban

image of Civil Society and Disarmament 2016

The nascent movement to enact a nuclear ban treaty has reframed the problem of nuclear weapons from defense strategies to the issues of humanitarian and environmental consequences. This volume of Civil Society Engagement in Disarmament Processes presents a case for the nuclear ban treaty as a vital first step in nuclear weapons’ ultimate abolition.



Witness to nuclear war: Hibakusha in Nagasaki

Even in 2017, 71 years later, the image of a mushroom cloud rising over Hiroshima or Nagasaki is what most people envision when they think of the 1945 US atomic bombings of Japan. These nuclear attacks are perceived as abstract events of the past, military directives that brought an end to the long and costly global war. But for the tens of thousands of survivors who barely escaped death beneath the mushroom clouds, the war did not end in August 1945. For them, even now, the war is not fully over.


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