Civil Society and Disarmament 2016

Civil Society Engagement in Disarmament Processes - The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Ban

image of Civil Society and Disarmament 2016

The nascent movement to enact a nuclear ban treaty has reframed the problem of nuclear weapons from defense strategies to the issues of humanitarian and environmental consequences. This volume of Civil Society Engagement in Disarmament Processes presents a case for the nuclear ban treaty as a vital first step in nuclear weapons’ ultimate abolition.



Climate disruption and global famine: Nuclear weapons impact on the environment

During the Cold War, the enormous arsenals of nuclear weapons possessed by the United States and the Soviet Union were capable of catastrophic destruction on a global scale. A US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study of the medical consequences of nuclear war concluded that, in a large scale nuclear conflict, several hundred million people would die directly and the subsequent famine would lead to the death of one to four billion people, most the of the earth’s population at that time.


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