Civil Society and Disarmament 2013

NGO Presentations to the Open-Ended Working Group on Taking Forward Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament Negotiations

image of Civil Society and Disarmament 2013

This publication contains the statements by representatives of non-governmental organizations that were delivered from 14 to 23 May 2013 during the informal thematic discussions at the meeting, held in Geneva, of the Open-ended Working Group to develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations for the achievement and maintenance of a world without nuclear weapons.



Other initiatives and proposals

As a member of ICAN, we welcome the Open-ended working group on nuclear disarmament. It is another example of the growing sense of energy, urgency and determination to make progress on nuclear disarmament despite the many constraints. It also represents a recognition that we cannot sit back and allow business as usual to prevail.


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