Nuclear Weapons

A Comprehensive Study

image of Nuclear Weapons

The present study represents the most comprehensive review of the relevant developments in this field over the past decade or so. It also covers recent events, which were unfolding while the Group of Experts was finalizing the text of the study. Thus, the study deals in its analyses with the documents adopted at the summit meetings of the Warsaw Treaty Organization and NATO held in, June and July 1990 respectively, which contain statements of political and military significance for the entire range of issues related to nuclear weapons and strategic doctrines.



Foreword by the Secretary-General

When in 1988 the General Assembly adopted resolution 43/75 N requesting an update of the 1980 Comprehensive Study on Nuclear Weapons, very few could have anticipated that the carrying out of this new mandate would in time coincide with, and in fact run parallel to, far-reaching changes in international relations arising not least from an unprecedented evolution in the relationship between East and West. The passing of the cold war has seen a genuine relaxation of tension between the principal military alliances, accompanied by the development of wide-ranging confidence-building measures, many of them regarding military and security matters. In fact, the nuclear age has, in the period under review, experienced for the first time the initiation of an effective process of reduction of nuclear weapon stockpiles.


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