South Africa’s Nuclear-Tipped Ballistic Missile Capability

image of South Africa’s Nuclear-Tipped Ballistic Missile Capability
This report examines South Africa's nuclear and missile programmes in an attempt to establish the facts about its capabilities and to the extent possible, to determine its intentions. The analysis cannot be divorced from, nor seen in isolation from, the political context. It addresses the effects the recent political evolution in South Africa and its relations with its neighbours have had on its nuclear programme? Considering the secrecy surrounding nuclear programmes the information presented in this publication is impressive.



Foreword by the Secretary-General

It has long been held that South Africa's military posture, including its plans to develop a nuclear-weapon capability, has been most directly related to the preservation of the system of apartheid and a policy of intimidation of States within the region. In addressing the question of South African nuclear capability, the General Assembly has vigorously condemned any overt or covert attempt by South Africa to introduce nuclear weapons into the African continent and has called upon all States, corporations, institutions and individuals to terminate all forms of military and nuclear collaboration with it.


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