United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1978

image of United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1978
The volume 3 compiles the disarmament resolutions and decisions of the General Assembly, the voting patterns in the General Assembly and the First Committee report and dates of their adoption.



World disarmament conference

The idea of convening a world disarmament conference was initiated at the First Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries, held at Belgrade in 1961. In the Declaration adopted by that Conference the non-aligned countries recommended, inter alia, that the General Assembly should take a decision with respect to convening either a special session of the Assembly devoted to disarmament or a world disarmanent conference under the auspices of the United Nations with a view to setting in motion the process of general disarmament. They considered that the convening of a world disarmament conference at an appropriate time, with the participation of all States, would be useful. They reiterated this view at subsequent summit conferences—Cairo, 1964; Lusaka, 1970; Algeria, 1973; and Colombo, 1976.


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