United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1983

image of United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1983
The volume 8 compiles the disarmament resolutions and decisions of the General Assembly, the voting patterns in the General Assembly and the First Committee report and dates of their adoption.



Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons and prevention of nuclear war

As Long as there are Nuclear Weapons, the possibility of their use, either deliberately or by accident, will continue to represent an unprecedented threat to international peace and security and, ultimately, to the future of civilization. In paragraphs 18 and 32 of the Final Document of its tenth special session, held in 1978, the General Assembly gave full recognition to the grave nature of that fact by declaring: “Removing the threat of a world war — a nuclear war — is the most acute and urgent task of the present day” and “Ail States, in particular nuclear-weapon States, should consider various proposals designed to secure the avoidance of the use of nuclear weapons, and the prevention of nuclear war.”


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