United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1986

image of United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1986
The volume 11 compiles the disarmament resolutions and decisions of the forty-first session of the General Assembly, the voting patterns in the General Assembly and the First Committee report and dates of their adoption. It summarizes developments and trends in 1986 on key issues of multilateral consideration at the international and regional levels.



Strengthening of the security of Non-Nuclear-Weapon states

Non-nuclear-weapon States, especially those outside military alliances that include a nuclear-weapon State, have ever since the beginning of the nuclear age insisted on the need for effective measures that would ensure their security against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons. The intensifying global arms race, the further increase in the effectiveness and lethality of nuclear weapons and the inclusion of the concept of limited nuclear war in some strategic doctrines have, in the view of those States, made that need even more urgent. The issue was expressly addressed in connection with the negotiations on the 1968 nuclear non-proliferation Treaty and has been included almost constantly since then in the agenda of disarmament bodies. However, the non-nuclear-weapon States have not as yet considered any of the proposed solutions generally acceptable.


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