United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1989

image of United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 1989
The volume 14 compiles the disarmament resolutions and decisions of the forty-fourth session of the General Assembly, the voting patterns in the General Assembly and the First Committee report and dates of their adoption. It summarizes developments and trends in 1989 on key issues of multilateral consideration at the international and regional levels.



Confidence- and security-building measures

Confidence-building measures are intended to encourage the development of trust and more stable relations between States by reducing or even eliminating the causes of mistrust, fear and other factors contributing to tensions and the danger of conflict between nations, and to high and increasing levels of armaments and forces. It is generally accepted that confidence-building measures should facilitate and promote the process of arms limitation and disarmament but should not be a substitute or a pre-condition for disarmament steps, or divert attention from them.


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