UNODA Occasional Papers No.5: Terrorism and Disarmament, October 2001

image of UNODA Occasional Papers No.5: Terrorism and Disarmament, October 2001
The Department for Disarmament Affairs, renamed United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in 2007 (UNODA) Occasional Papers is a series of ad hoc publications presenting, in edited form, papers or statements made at meetings, symposiums, seminars, workshops or lectures that deal with topical issues in the field of arms limitation, disarmament and international security. They are intended primarily for those concerned with these matters in Government, civil society and in the academic community.




In addressing the General Assembly at the opening of its debate on international terrorism (1 to 5 October 2001), the Secretary-General warned that a single attack involving a nuclear or biological weapon could kill millions. "While the world was unable to prevent the 11 September attacks, there is much we can do to help prevent future terrorist acts carried out with weapons of mass destruction," he emphasized, calling for redoubled efforts to implement key treaties relating to those arms, closer cooperation among intemational organizations dealing with them, and tighter national legislation covering the exports of goods and technologies used in their production. Many representatives from all countries and all regions echoed the Secretary-General's sentiment during the debate. The general conclusion was that all countries could be affected in some form or another by such a fearful proposition, and all countries must work together to prevent it.


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