Forum on Crime and Society

Special Issue - Researching Hidden Populations: Approaches to and Methodologies for Generating Data on Trafficking in Persons

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This issue of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime journal Forum on Crime and Society focuses on research related to trafficking in persons. It contains articles by a range of researchers and academics with experience in identifying 'hidden populations' such as trafficking victims. The articles present research methods and approaches that have been used with success to uncover 'hidden populations' in different contexts in the past. It is hoped that this edition of the Forum will stimulate the generation of more sound data on the different aspects of trafficking in persons worldwide.



Calculations versus counting of human trafficking numbers

Thomas M. Steinfatt argues in his article in favour of counting the actual number of human trafficking cases as an alternative to estimating the size and range of human trafficking through statistical projections. With his research on sex workers in Cambodia he shows how data on victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation can be obtained by analysing communication methods used in the sex industry, locating the actual premises and directly observing the criminal activity in progress.


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