Narcotic Drugs 2012

Estimated World Requirements for 2013 (Statistics for 2011)

image of Narcotic Drugs 2012

This publication provides analysis of recent trends and statistics for estimated requirements and actual movements of narcotic drugs. Data is provided for specific groups of drugs and countries. The technical data on narcotic drugs are published for control purposes and to meet the needs of researchers, enterprises and the general public. The publication of statistical data provides information for analytical purposes, inter alia, on the availability and use of narcotic drugs in various countries and territories. The publication of estimates and statistics on production, manufacture, stocks and utilization of narcotic drugs is also intended to furnish producing and manufacturing countries with information on prospective trends. This trilingual publication is in English, French and Spanish.

English, French, Spanish


Seizures of selected narcotic drugs, 2011

Annex V contains information on seizures of selected narcotic drugs and their disposal in 2011. The data are based exclusively on information furnished to the Board by Governments. The quantities destroyed might be greater than those seized in the course of the year. In such cases, destruction includes seizures effected in previous years. Quantities equal to or exceeding 0.5 kg released for licit use are indicated in the footnotes.

English, French, Spanish,

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