Narcotic Drugs 2017

Estimated World Requirements for 2018 - Statistics for 2016

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The Technical publication on Narcotic Drugs contains information about the licit movement of the internationally controlled narcotic drugs included in the Schedules of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This includes information on cultivation of opiate raw materials, on extraction of alkaloids from opium, poppy straw and concentrate of poppy straw; on the manufacture of consumption, utilization and stocks of opiates and opioids; and international global trade in narcotic drugs as well as in individual countries/territories. The publication also contains the estimated requirements of narcotic drugs for each country and territory.

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Notes 3 (English)

Part three, entitled “Supply of opiate raw materials and demand for opiates used for medical and scientific purposes”, contains an analysis of the current situation regarding that area of supply and demand. The analysis serves as background information for the conclusions and recommendations on the subject made by the Board in its annual report, with a view to maintaining a lasting balance between the supply of and demand for opiate raw materials. The data used in the analysis are based on statistical reports on the cultivation of opium poppy, the production and utilization of opiate raw materials and the consumption of opiates furnished by Governments in respect of 2016, as well as advance data for 2017 on the cultivation of opium poppy and production of opiate raw materials, submitted on a voluntary basis by the major producing countries and supplemented by the relevant estimates for 2018. The data for 2017 are provisional, and those for 2018 are projections based on the information available. All data relating to production, utilization, consumption, trade and stocks are expressed in terms of morphine or thebaine equivalent, for ease of comparison. The text is supplemented by tables and figures.

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