Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2012

image of Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2012
The report contains an analysis of the drug control situation worldwide so that Governments are kept aware of existing and potential situations that may endanger the objectives of the international drug control treaties. Divided into four parts, it covers the following topics: drugs and corruption, functioning of the international drug control system, analysis of the world situation and finally, a set of recommendations to Governments, the United Nations and other relevant international and regional organizations. A set of Annexes follows as well.



Shared responsibility in international drug control

Common and shared responsibility is a principle of international law and is applied in many fields of cooperation. It is thus not specific to drug control. Whereas international treaties establish a set of rules creating individual obligations for States parties, the principle of common and shared responsibility goes much further. It provides the framework for a cooperative partnership among a community of parties, based on a common understanding of a shared problem, a common goal and the necessity of reaching that goal through common and coordinated action. Thus, the principle of shared responsibility can be seen as a joint undertaking involving government institutions, the private sector, civil society, local communities and individuals who have agreed to work together as partners and who have a shared mutual obligation for concerted action at different levels in response to the drug challenge. Consequently, the principle of common and shared responsibility commits parties to strengthening their cooperation not only to pursue their own interests but also to take into account the interests of others and to assist those parties that need help. However, shared responsibility in drug control at the international level will be effective when States fully meet their obligations at the national level.


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