State of Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Criminalization, Law Enforcement and International Cooperation - Second Edition

image of State of Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

This second edition of State of Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption: Criminalization, Law Enforcement and International Cooperation, which was launched during the 7th session of the Conference of the States Parties (Vienna, 6-10 November 2017).The study is based on the findings and results emanating from the first cycle reviews of the implementation of the Convention by 156 States parties (2010-2015).It contains a comprehensive analysis of the implementation of chapters III (Criminalization and law enforcement) and IV (International cooperation) of the Convention. More specifically, the study: (a) identifies and describes trends and patterns in the implementation of the above-mentioned chapters, focusing on systematic or, where possible, regional commonalities and variations; (b) highlights successes and good practices on the one hand, and challenges in implementation on the other; (c) provides an overview of the emerging understanding of the Convention and differences in the reviews, where they have been encountered.



Law enforcement cooperation

Article 48 requires that States parties cooperate closely with one another in their law enforcement activities, in pursuit of the common goal of effectively combating corruptionrelated offences. Relevant measures include the establishment or enhancement of adequate channels of communication, cooperation in conducting inquiries, exchange of information concerning the means and methods used by offenders, facilitating effective coordination, and entering into agreements or arrangements on direct cooperation between law enforcement agencies. Most countries have taken steps to implement such measures and only three States parties appear to fall seriously short of the relevant requirements of the Convention.


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