Transnational Organized Crime in West Africa

A Threat Assessment

image of Transnational Organized Crime in West Africa
This regional assessment is broadly focused on transnational organized crime (including drug trafficking) issues and the linkages with development, governance and security in West Africa. This Report is intended to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced picture of contraband flows, criminal markets and their political, social and economic impacts on the regions in question. It will be a means to convene strategic dialogue on emerging transnational organized crime threats, and the recommendation it yields will be built back into policy analysis and programme development throughout the United Nations System, including at the regional and country levels.



Firearms trafficking in West Africa

After the Cold War, there was a time when West Africa received tons of armaments from outside the continent.64 This era has largely passed, because today, regional supply can satisfy local demand. On the one hand, the number of civil wars in Africa has declined since the 1990s, reducing demand. On the other, the firearms trafficked during those years did not evaporate, and continue to be re-circulated throughout the region.


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