World Drug Report 2004

image of World Drug Report 2004

An estimated 3 % of the global population, or 185 million people consume illicit drugs annually. Among this population are people from almost every country on earth and from every walk of life. In this first edition of the new two volume World Drug Report, UNODC presents more quantitative data than ever before in an effort to increase the amount of factual evidence available in a field which is so notoriously difficult to quantify. This year, the analysis of trends, some going back ten years or more, is presented in Volume 1. Detailed statistics are presented in Volume 2. Taken together these volumes will provide the most complete picture yet on today’s illicit drug situation.

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Illicit drugs have profound effects on individuals and societies worldwide. For individuals, drugs jeopardize health, livelihood and security. At the national level, their osmotic relationship with crime can make them both cause and consequence of conflict, weak governance and underdevelopment. Poor countries are particularly vulnerable and need help, as they lack the resources to break out of the vicious circle. The global dimension of the drug problem is equally important: illicit drug markets know no borders and their transnational nature puts them beyond the reach of any single government, rich or poor.

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