World Drug Report 2005

image of World Drug Report 2005

The World Drug Report 2005 provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of illicit drug trends at the international level. In addition, this year it presents the work of UNODC in two new areas of research: an estimate of the financial value of the world drug market, and the preliminary steps towards the creation of an illicit drug index. The analysis of trends, some going back 10 years or more, is presented in Volume 1. Detailed statistics are presented in Volume 2. Taken together these volumes provide the most up to date view of today’s illicit drug situation.

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Last year the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) merged its former Global Illict Drug Trends series with the World Drug Report, issued it in two volumes comprising Analysis and Statistics, and decided to make it an annual publication. Feedback on the new format and frequency has been positive. There is also continuing evidence that the world needs such annual assessments from the United Nations. They help the international community to judge where it is, how it is performing, and whether it is reaching the targets it sets for itself. Particularly in areas as globally inter-connected as drugs and crime, such assessments also help individual countries - the building blocks of the international community - to steer their own ways forward.

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