World Drug Report 2007

image of World Drug Report 2007

This report offers one of the most comprehensive insights into global trends in international culture, production, seizure and price of illicit drugs. It examines trends in the world’s four major markets: opium and heroin, coca and cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamine-type stimulants. This edition provides an in-depth examination of the link between transnational organized crime and drug trafficking. A detailed statistical appendix on production, prices and consumption completes this book, which gives the reader a comprehensive picture of the world’s drug problem.

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Something new and significant is going on in the world drugs market. In last year’s World Drug Report we made the argument that drug control is working and the world drug problem is being contained. This 2007 Report provides further robust evidence of this trend. For almost every kind of illicit drug - cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamine- type stimulants (ATS) - there are signs of overall stability, whether we speak of cultivation, production or consumption. Hopefully, within the next few years evidence to support this claim will become statistically and logically incontrovertible.

English French, Spanish

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