World Drug Report 2009

image of World Drug Report 2009

The World Drug Report aims to enhance Member States’ understanding of global illicit drug trends, and to sensitize all Governments about the need for more systematic collection and reporting of data related to illicit drugs. UNODC relies on Member States to provide data, primarily through the annual reports questionnaire (ARQ). This year, out of some 200 distributed questionnaires, UNODC received 118 replies to the drug abuse section and 116 replies to the illicit supply of drugs section. In general, the ability of Member States to provide information on illicit drug supply is significantly better than their ability to provide demand-related data. Despite commendable progress, for example in the area of prevalence estimates, far more remains to be done to provide a solid, reliable basis for trend and policy analysis.

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Considerable efforts have been made over the last few years to improve the estimates presented in this report. Nonetheless, challenges remain in making such estimates because of the gaps and variable quality of the data available.

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