World Drug Report 2011

image of World Drug Report 2011

Many illicit drug markets have reached global dimensions and require control strategies on a comparable scale. In that context, there is a need to better understand these transnational markets and the manner in which they operate. The annual Report, produced by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, is a contribution towards that objective. It provides an overview of the illicit drug situation worldwide and regionally, analytical discussions of the key transnational drug markets and statistical trends for all major drug categories.

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The opium/heroin market

UNODC estimates that there were between 12 and 21 million opiate users worldwide in 2009. Heroin remains the most commonly used opiate, consumed by a vast majority of global opiate users (about 75%). In 2009, an estimated 12-14 million heroin users consumed some 375 mt of heroin.

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