World Drug Report 2012

image of World Drug Report 2012

Chapter I of this year’s World Drug Report provides an overview of recent trends and the state of drug production, trafficking, and consumption, and its consequences in terms of treatment and related illnesses and deaths to drugs. Chapter II presents from a diachronic point of view the characteristics of the drug problem, its evolution and the main factors that determine it. It starts with an examination of the main features of the current problem, followed by a presentation of the changes observed in recent decades, and concludes with an analysis of the factors that have influenced its evolution and a brief overview of likely future trends.

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Recent statistics and trend analysis of illicit drug markets

Globally, it is estimated that in 2010 between 153 million and 300 million people aged 15-64 (3.4-6.6 per cent of the world’s population in that age group) had used an illicit substance at least once in the previous year. The extent of illicit drug use has thus remained stable, but the estimated 15.5 million-38.6 million problem drug users (almost 12 per cent of illicit drug users), including those with drug dependence and drug-use disorders, remain a particular concern.

English French, Spanish

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