Народонаселение мира в 2020 году

Против моей воли - бросая вызов действиям, наносящим вред женщинам и девочкам и подрывающим равенство

image of Народонаселение мира в 2020 году

The State of World Population 2020 report will document the origins, drivers and prevalence of harmful practices within and across developing and developed countries as well as in humanitarian settings. It will also show their impact on girls’ and women’s health, well-being and rights throughout their lives, the impact on demographics, national economies, development and eventual achievement of the sustainable development goals. Where relevant, it will highlight the impact on boys.

Russian French, Spanish, English, Arabic


Подвергнутая Насилию, Отверженная, Иссеченная: Безмолвный и массовый кризис вредной практики

Russian French, Spanish, Arabic, English

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