Accessibility for All

Good Practices of Accessibility in Asia and the Pacific to Promote Disability-Inclusive Development

image of Accessibility for All

This publication seeks to support policymakers in promoting accessibility at a policy and practical level. It contains information on relevant global and regional mandates that support and promote disability-inclusive development and accessibility, with a view to demonstrate the multi-faceted value of focusing on disability and accessibility policies to achieve broader development goals. Readers will learn about the core concepts of disability and accessibility, and be empowered with knowledge on standards, tools and means of promoting accessibility. Furthermore, this publication will outline and analyse examples of good practices of accessibility identified in Asia and the Pacific. The majority of the good practices featured in this publication were initially discussed at two international and multi-stakeholder workshops that took place in 2014 and 2015, with a few additional examples drawn from Pacific island member States. The selection of practices for this publication is based on their embodiment of the principles of accessibility, demonstrated success, measurable impact on the community, and their adaptable and replicable nature.



Understanding the role of impairments and barriers in creating disability

To address the systemic marginalization of persons with disabilities and to promote accessibility as a core pillar of disability-inclusive development, it is important to first understand the concept of disability. Put simply, disability is the interaction of two concepts: impairment, and barriers in the surrounding environment. Impairment refers to variance from the norm or loss with regard to the physical and/or cognitive functioning of an individual. When the surrounding environment does not meet the needs of the individual due to impaired physical and/or cognitive functioning, a barrier is formed that limits the capacity of the individual.


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