Annual Review of Developments in Globalization and Regional Integration in the Arab Countries, 2007

image of Annual Review of Developments in Globalization and Regional Integration in the Arab Countries, 2007
This sixth edition of the Annual Review addresses comprehensively the significant developments in globalization and regional integration in the Arab countries. It covers the progress made by Arab countries in integrating their economies into the world economy as well as their efforts in Arab regional integration. The progress made in Arab regional integration is reviewed through an analysis of set of sectors that play an important role in regional integration such as trade, investment, tourism, labor remittances and official development assistance (ODA) on the Arab intraregional level.



International trade negotiations and trade facilitation

The current round of multilateral trade negotiations in WTO, knows as "The Doha Development Agenda", has been facing a real crisis since the failure of the Fifth Ministerial Conference held in Cancun, Mexico in September 2003. Four years later the situation did not show brighter prospects in 2007, notwithstanding numerous developments that brought some hope of a breakthrough such as the July 2004 package, the WTO Sixth Ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong in December 2005, and the persistent efforts of the chairs of the negotiating groups. Apparently an impasse is reached as member States come close to discussing substantive issues in the rounds of negotiations, particularly the issue of agriculture as was the case when negotiations were suspended in 2006. Up to the date of preparation of this report, there was no serious indication that serious solutions or agreements will be reached in this connection in the months leading to 2008. This section will address the most important developments in the Doha Round of negotiations in 2007.


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