Arab Human Development Report 2016

Youth and the Prospects for Human Development in a Changing Reality

image of Arab Human Development Report 2016

This report addresses the development challenges facing young people in the Arab region. The current young generation is the largest this region has had over the past 50 years, making up 30% of its population. In light of the youth-led movements during and after the 2011 uprisings, the report argues for a renewed policy focus on youth development in the region. It deals with the pillars of human development (income, education and health) with the attainment, achievement and equitable distribution of education, and with the challenges of finding stable and decent jobs. With protracted conflict in several Arab countries, young Arabs have become victims or perpetrators of violence, challenged by difficulties of mobility and migration. AHDR 2016 aims to engage youth in building a better future.

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Exclusion, mobility and migration

The chapter reviews migration patterns to and from the 22 Arab countries, and the profile of young migrants in the GCC and in Western OECD countries. It then examines youth’s reasons to migrate and possible exclusion factors, and envisages the role of migration policies in receiving or sending states, before emphasizing the role of inclusion in the migration process. Lastly, the chapter highlights impediments to the mobility of labor. The chapter emphasizes the range and diversity of capabilities allowing youth to migrate in sizeable numbers to other countries inside the region, as well as outside the Arab region. However, it also questions the origin countries’ continuous reliance on youth exit in order to curb unemployment and increase national households’ income through remittances.

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